The Alphawave Group

Alphawave is a group of dynamic companies, all operating in the world of tech, software and electronics. We offer a wide range of technical services and products to clients from all industries – both local and abroad.

Made up of 200 people (with more than 100 engineers, scientists and technicians) we deliver valuable, reliable solutions to our clients. By consistently going above and beyond, we’ve been able to grow and nurture a group of healthy, profitable companies.

We reinvest these profits into innovation, growth and the people who work with us. We’re engineers with an entrepreneurial attitude, and we’re proud of that fact. Our vision is to keep growing through organic development, and to invest in similar companies who hold the same values and drive for innovation in our industry.

The Alphawave Story

The Alphawave brand evolved out of the EMSS group of companies, which has been working out of Technopark, Stellenbosch, for the past 25 years.

In 2014, group management initiated a strategic shift. We wanted to leverage the software and electronics know-how that had been developed over more than 20 years, and to apply them to broader markets.

This decision lead us to re-invest capital into the development of a number of internal products for specific markets. During this time we also invested in the acquisition of a few promising businesses in similar fields, growing the group to where it is today.

After roots started to take and the reinvention of the EMSS group had begun, we underwent a valuable re-branding exercise and launched the new Alphawave Group brand in May 2017.

This business transformation has revealed our true colours and, now more than ever, we’re working with one core ethos – to solve tough technical problems extremely well and consistently surprise by over delivering for our clients and customers.

We expect excellence from our people. That said, with this expectation comes the daily reward of an unconventional and enjoyable work experience. The environment that we’ve created is one in which innovation thrives and so our efforts deliver – benefitting our staff, customers and shareholders.

We are not a company with one product or service. We are a team of companies that offer a wide range of solutions to clients from all industries. This drive that we all share, the one that compels us to solve difficult technical problems really well, this is what makes Alphawave what it is today.