Cargo Telematics

Madi IoT, Sensor technology

The Cargo Strap Manager is a robust device that easily attaches to any cargo strap within seconds. The device continuously monitors the strap tension ensuring cargo is secured at all times during transport.


Madi Sensor technology

An advanced ball tracking radar system and associated visualisation interfaces, Inrange hooks both serious and social golfers with an immersive, data-driven experience at golf driving ranges.


Madi Electromagnetics, Sensor technology

Personal RF Monitors specifically designed for protecting personnel working near broadcast and telecommunications transmitting antennas from EMF overexposure.

ETSE Electronics

Madi Electronics, IoT, Sensor technology

From livestock protection to Bluetooth innovations & satellite comms, their skillsets include radio-frequency & microwave electronic design, GSM, GPS, RF modems, microprocessors, embedded systems and software.


Madi Electromagnetics, Sensor technology

Designed and built, as part of the MeerKAT project, the most sensitive radio astronomy receivers in the world. They play a key part in the ongoing SKA project which involves the design, specialised analysis, development and production of cryogenic receivers and dish optics.