Madi Electromagnetics, Software development

A proven and complete software solution that helps network operators and compliance assessment companies to establish and maintain Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Safety Compliance.


Madi Electromagnetics, Sensor technology

Personal RF Monitors specifically designed for protecting personnel working near broadcast and telecommunications transmitting antennas from EMF overexposure.


Madi Electromagnetics, Sensor technology

Designed and built, as part of the MeerKAT project, the most sensitive radio astronomy receivers in the world. They play a key part in the ongoing SKA project which involves the design, specialised analysis, development and production of cryogenic receivers and dish optics.


Ean Electromagnetics

Ensures EMF safety compliance at Mobile Network base station sites. They service major mobile network operators, both local and international with top-of-the-range tools and equipment, unmatched expertise and logistical resources at their disposal.