Products & Services in Engineering

With our roots firmly grounded in a history of engineering excellence, we are more than capable of handling engineering projects, both large and small.


Alphawave Mobile Network Services
Mobile Network Services

We have over 15 years of experience servicing major mobile network operators, both local and international. With top-of-the-range tools and equipment, unmatched expertise and logistical resources at our disposal, we ensure EMF safety compliance. We also detect and solve interference problems at base station sites.

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EMSS Antennas
Antenna Design & Analysis

Making use of the best of what traditional and modern thinking has to offer, EMSS Antennas combines the analytical and synthesis power of CEM tools with old-school craftsmanship and discipline to find solutions for a wide range of RF, microwave and electromagnetic problems.

Receiver Design and Production

Our EMSS Antennas engineers are proud to be playing a key role in the MeerKAT and SKA radio astronomy projects. Both of these multi-year projects involve design, specialised analysis and development of cryogenic receivers and dish optics. We have also established a production facility where the MeerKAT receivers are built and tested.

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ETSE Electronics
Electronic Design Solutions

Etse Electronics is a team made up of innovative engineers – all working together to find reliable, practical solutions for challenging problems. From livestock protection to Bluetooth innovations and satellite comms, our core skill-sets include radio-frequency and microwave electronic design, GSM, GPS, RF modems, microprocessors embedded systems and software.

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