Products & Services in Data Science

We see in-depth Data Science knowledge as a critical piece of the puzzle for delivering future products and services of value


Predictive Insights
Data science and predictive modeling

The team at Predictive Insights uses behavioural economics and machine learning to gain insights from data. These insights are largely around why people (customers and employees) make the decisions they do. Our machine learning models can then predict how individuals will make decisions and predict what the most effective interventions or nudges are to influence their behaviour. Examples of our work are models that help Retailers with Sales and Demand forecasting as well as risk models that predict employability and the ability to repay debt.

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Science. Artificial intelligence. Generalisation.

Data science is a rapidly-growing specialist field, combining computer science and statistics to gain insight from (typically lots of) data. We focus on machine learning and pattern recognition, and work with companies that are eager to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging appropriate techniques in data science to gain additional insight from their data.

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