The SA company behind the R431m investment

Alphawave, primary investor and shareholder in leading South African field sales management and productivity app, Skynamo, announced R431m Series A funding in January from US venture capital and private equity firm, Five Elms Capital – one of the highest investments in recent years, according to Bloomberg.

Skynamo attracts $30m investment from US firm

Skynamo attracts $30m investment from US firm

A South African tech startup has just secured R431 million rand in funding, one of the largest disclosed amounts in the country in recent years, after a leading US-based venture capital firm found positive user reviews of its product online.

Inrange Golf Pairs With David Leadbetter At Championsgate

Inrange Golf has paired with the global leader in golf instruction, David Leadbetter, and the world-renowned Leadbetter Golf Academy to bring smart golf tracking technology to coaches and players at Leadbetter Golf Academy World Headquarters at Championsgate, Orlando, Florida this September 2019.

NASA releases magnificent new images of the Milky Way

The psychedelic composite image shows “clouds of gas at temperatures of millions of degrees, neutron stars and white dwarf stars tearing material from companion stars and beautiful tendrils of radio emission.” It combines Chandra’s X-ray data in green and blue with radio data seen in red from the MeerKAT telescope in South Africa.

Man vs. machine: How humans tackled AI…and lost

2018 was most definitely the year in which AI and Machine Learning (ML) took the lion’s share of technology media headlines. Like social media, virtual reality, drones, and cloud services before them, the impending doom of AI robots taking our jobs drew conference audiences, filled social feeds and consumed traditional media channels.

Etse’s X-Band Transmitter in Space

Cape Town – The continent’s most advanced nanosatellite, the ZACube-2, was taken into space by a Soyuz rocket in the early hours of the morning on Thursday.