Personalised Tech Acceleration

A software and electronics business accelerator with a difference. We provide startup seed funding to build prototypes and will definitely introduce some business-savvy into your thinking. We also invest serious cash if you get traction and are ready to scale.

Unlike other accelerators, we work with startups on an individual basis, so we really get involved in your business. We also want to get you ready for a pitch, to our own VC fund, but also to other VC funds in our partnership network.


We know software and electronics startup businesses. We’ve done it ourselves. Alphawave Ventures is the result of 20 years of experience in this business, while building the Alphawave Group.


We offer accelerator partnerships, seed funding and venture capital, depending on your business stage. We also provide mentorship support and bring our business and tech people on board in partnership with you to give you the best shot at success.


We are going to change the way you think about your business idea and your startup, in a quest to find a good market match. We provide technical know-how and you’ll become part of a development and business team that partners with you.

Business boosters in our accelerator arsenal

We’ve established a track record over almost 20 years in successfully delivering software and electronic products and services based on forefront technology to multinationals, in various countries all over the world. Your startup will instantly have an advisory panel with seasoned professionals in business, software and electronics

What we’re looking for

Unfortunately we won’t be spending time on your idea if you can’t show us that, if everything goes right, it will be a great business!

Our team

Frans Meyer

Frans is a co-founder of EMSS (now the Alphawave Group). He describes his startup experiences as roller-coaster rides of tech development in a high-performance environment mixed with business development that involves customers, markets and money. He enjoys being involved in the life-and-times of new ventures, and teaches a 4th year entrepreneurship class at Stellenbosch University. Frans is an engineer without an MBA. But it’s OK, we accept him like that.

Sam Clarke

Sam is the co-founder of two companies. Magus, which has been sold, and Field Office, which is still part of the Alphawave Group. He has been at the helm of one of these new ventures non-stop since 2007. He loves thinking about new businesses – we couldn’t stop him if we tried. Sam is an engineer with and MBA, which does not really explain why he will change the way you think about every aspect of your business.

Diederik Hatting

Diederik is a developer at heart. He joined EMSS (now the Alphawave Group) in 2006 and he prides himself in delivering shit-hot software. Although he looks like a 13-year old prodigy, he’s got in-depth experience in development of mobile apps, desktop apps, communication protocols and back end systems. Unfortunately he is a computer scientist and not an engineer but it is too late to send him back now.

Ben Bosch

Ben is our resident User Experience guru. He also joined EMSS (now the Alphawave Group) in 2006 and played a central role in understanding, developing and then rolling out the User Experience efforts for our desktop tools, websites and web-applications… and recently mobile apps. He is also an engineer with an MBA, but we do take him seriously.

Success stories in the making

Etse Electronics, with Johann de Swardt taking the lead, provides electronic design solutions for clients wanting to sell products directly to end users.

FarmTrack is Etse's own product which provides a pre-emptive management function service to the farming industry. It offers live position and speed data of all vehicles on a farm and delivers the required analytics to the farmer in an easy to use format to accurately determine the efficiency of crop-spraying as well as general farm vehicle activities.

Etse and Alphawave Ventures have teamed up and invested in FarmTrack's enhanced functionality to further improve the product and to deliver what the market requires.

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Leonard Brewer and his MySidekick team know that the future of advertising circulars is digital. They understand the retailer's marketing needs and have a driving passion to increase their knowledge on shopper behaviour to be able to offer marketing solutions.

Together with the MySidekick team, Alphawave Ventures is investing time and money to solve the digital broadsheet information overload problem. We'll soon be deploying intelligent algorithms which will deliver personalized information about specials in shops at the right time and place, thereby serving the needs of retailers and shoppers alike.

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My Sidekick

Gerrit Kruger and Abraham Coetzee can imagine the future and, for them, it's not that vague. They use the latest Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) hardware and software.

While many are contemplating the sustainability of the 2016 VR/AR hype and debating whether applications in this field would become mainstream, Sozo Labs and Alphawave Ventures are quietly and pro-actively investing in this pre-profit, pre-revenue phase. One thing is certain - when VR/AR takes off, we'll be ready to lead the way in this new and exciting field.

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Sozo Labs

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Whether your idea is still in its infancy or has already developed into a stage of substance, we want to help you succeed. The process will be as follows:

  • We will evaluate your application.
  • If viable, invite you for further discussion.
  • If successful, negotiate our investment and conclude a cooperation agreement.
  • We work with you, and give our full involvement and support, to bring your concept to fruition.

Remember, we’re looking for that glimmer of greatness. Show us what you’ve got!

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